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Wedding Videography Services: Chicago Top DJ & Entertainment is where all of your sacred wedding memories are captured and cherished. When it comes to our videography service, think of us as the folks who are ready to help create & capture all of the big smiles, heart-felt tears of joy and the surprise dance moves you thought no one caught. We are experts at blending into he background, always anticipating and positioning our camera to capture the cinematic lighting & angles! 

The #1 Top Best Wedding Videographers & Film Makers For Hire in Chicago & Illinois!

Your Perfect Day, Captured Absolutely Perfectly!

Discover our tiered videography packages tailored for every story, every couple, and every heartfelt moment. Each package includes a personal consultation, ensuring we hit every note of your dream day!

The Hollywood Preview

$ 4,500
  • Start with our most affordable cinema package! Dive right in to our videography with 8 hours of total coverage & capture all of the most essential chapters of your event. Plus enjoy a magic highlight reel!
  • What's all Included:
  • (1) Top Pro Videographer
  • (8) Hours of Video Coverage
  • (1) 1 Minute Cinematic Social Media Wedding Teaser
  • (1) 3 to 4 Minute Cinematic Wedding Film (music only)
  • All Captured & Unedited Film

The Cinematic Premiere

$ 6,500
  • Expand the narrative with 9 hours of cinematic coverage, including the main event & guest greetings! Enjoy a premiere film and short social media highlight reel for share with loved ones forever!
  • What's all Included:
  • (2) Top Pro Videographers
  • (9) Hours of Video Coverage
  • (1) 1 Minute Cinematic Social Media Wedding Teaser
  • (1) 6 to 7 Minute Cinematic Wedding Film (all music + dialogue included)
  • All Captured & Unedited Film

The Ultimate Feature

$ 7,000
  • Enjoy all-day coverage, from morning preparations to the final dance. This comprehensive collection includes a full-length video, a highlight reel, and a teaser trailer for social media.
  • What's all Included:
  • (2) Top Pro Videographers
  • (10) Hours of Video Coverage
  • (1) 1 Minute Cinematic Social Media Wedding Teaser
  • (1) 15 to 20 Minute Cinematic Wedding Film (all music + dialogue included)
  • All Captured & Unedited Film

Wedding Videographer Specialist: Forget The Filters, Capture The Feels: We Capture The Heart & Style Of Your Event!

When you are looking for a videographer, you’re actually looking for someone who can tell your story. That’s where we shine. We’re not about fancy effects or making things more complicated than they need to be. We aim to create a video that feels like you, one that you’ll love watching repeatedly.

We know every couple is unique, and so is every wedding. That’s why we listen to what you want. Whether it’s how your eyes light up when you look at each other, the laughter during the best man’s speech, or the little niece twirling on the dance floor, we make sure those moments are caught on film!

Straightforward Service & Solutions for Your Big Day

At Chicago Top DJ, we keep it simple. Our videography services are about capturing the feel of your wedding, not just the look of it. We’re the Chicago wedding videographers focusing on what makes your day special. Our cameras are there to record your day, not to interrupt!

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Chicago Top DJ means you get a friendly, no-nonsense wedding videographer. We're the guys and gals who know Chicago, understand weddings, and love telling love stories. When you look back at your wedding video, we want you to see the day as it was, full of love, laughter, and everything. That's what you get when you hire a videographer from us: a video that’s as real as your memories, as touching as your vows, and as fun as your reception. We're not just providing a service. We're giving you a time machine. So when the anniversaries come around, or when you want to relive that day when you were the star, we're here to make it happen.

Let's Begin Your Forever

We pride ourselves on being the videographers near me that couples trust. We show up, blend in, and get to work. We’re there for the first kiss, the toasts, and the last dance. And we do it all without getting in your way. Ready to immortalize your wedding? Click here to book your consultation and embark on a journey to everlasting memories. Dates fill up fast—secure your spot now!

The Challenge Finding a Talented Videographer

It’s a jungle out there when hunting for the right wedding videographer. Maybe you’ve heard stories of videographers who overpromise and underdeliver or bring all this equipment but somehow miss the heart of the event. It’s frustrating. You deserve better. You deserve a videographer who gets it – someone who knows that a wedding isn’t just an event but a day filled with stories and emotions!

Don't Miss Out on Capturing the Magic

Still thinking? Don’t let these precious moments slip away. Contact us now to discuss how we can bring your wedding day to life on film. Let’s make sure your future self thanks you for making this choice!

Your Story, Our Lens

At Chicago Top DJ, every couple has a unique story that deserves to be told beautifully. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail sets us apart. Your most cherished moments become timeless memories with us, captured with the utmost care and professionalism. Choose us for a videography experience that exceeds expectations, where every frame speaks volumes of your love story!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We highly recommend booking as soon as your wedding date is set. Our schedule fills up quickly, especially during peak wedding seasons. Early booking ensures you get your preferred date without any last-minute rush or disappointment

Our videography style is best described as candid and authentic. We focus on capturing the genuine moments of joy, laughter, and tears as they naturally unfold. Our team excels in creating a narrative that truly reflects the emotions and essence of your special day

Definitely! We understand that every wedding is unique. Our team is happy to work with you to tailor our services to fit your specific needs and vision. We can adjust the hours of coverage, include special features, or even accommodate specific requests to ensure your wedding video is exactly how you envision it

We know you're eager to relive your special day, so we work diligently to deliver your video quickly without compromising quality. A teaser of your wedding video will be ready in just two weeks, providing a glimpse of the beautiful moments we captured. The full-length video, which encompasses the entirety of your day's celebration, will be meticulously edited and delivered to you within 3 months.

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